SCAM DATING SITE amateurmatch links from okcupid google search

NEW FAKE SCAM DATING SITE amateurmatch links from google search for okcupid, a popular dating site.

By Freddy Flame

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facebook ID:    flame_freddy


i am here to expose the fake scam dating site For free and paid-up male users in Sydney, the real female members are kept invisible, and you only get to see and hit on fake profiles. i proved this by setting up a profile for a female freind. when you join you will receive many messages but you can only reply to 3 of them. when you get sucked into signing up for subscription, they tell you it will automatically be renewed monthly, and that you can request cancellation for the next months ongoing payment at any time. when you request cancellation online you are guided to a page with a US phone number.. you cannot process this request online. Overseas guys be warned … your bank will refuse to cancel ongoing payments to protect their customers, the scammers (you can lodge a dispute which may take months to resolve) .. whether these scammers actually get around to answering the phone or quickly cancelling the next months payment i havent got to find out yet, but its not looking hopeful !!! I emailed a request and got a tracking number. when i checked it out i was assigned “low priority” .. you can ask for low medium high urgent emergency or critical, hey these guys really are comedians !!! (48 hours later i still have no cancellation processed, sooooo funny)

some of the fake profiles actually reply to you. the fake reply scam works this way … someone in their staff monitors a couple of profiles that ask you a question in their opening message. they read your reply and make a reply that mentions something you said. .. now you have been fooled into thinking this is a genuine dating site. most of the women look younger than their age and have slutty profiles, naked pic and many into group sex and kinky stuff. the men who have an interest in casual and kinky sex are excited by these profiles and decide to sign up to get access. If you are very lucky and have a nice profile it is possible that one of the real female profiles will hit on you, but remember this lady only gets to send 3 free messages, and you will NEVER get to see her profile when you do a search. Ladies you will receive very very few messages, this will encourage you to sign up and hit on guys.

a site like this is definitely engaging in deceptive practises and can be sued in the USA under the local law there. men in Australia are offered no access to justice either by the banks or by the government. Bank policy in australia is to refuse to co-operate in black-listing of scam operators, even though they have access to data on scam operators via the Sca mwatch government program. this helps protect bank revenue.

space for maybe a new website and hopefully a group will emerge ready to take a class action prosecution in USA. guys in australia can participate in this. Once you discover that you have wasted hours online you may experience mental anguish and sue for psychological damages plus a full refund. to do that successfully you would need to join in the class action suit. email me and join the lobby group.

this scam has been reported to scamw atch in australia and econsu mer dat gov in USA but you should also log a complaint otherwise it will be ignored because their sites receive a “large volume of scam reports” and will probably only flag a scam if it receives many reports. you can also write to your local member of parliament about the failure to operate a blacklist against scams. all scammers need access to maste rcard and v isa. in theory it could be very easy for legislation to be passed to require banks to obey a government blacklist. Government fails to do this because they mainly worry about winning elections and fighting wars. however they sometimes respond if many emails and letters are sent. you should specifically criticise the absence of a black-list.

I first found this fake scam site because i saw a pop-up box when i searched for okcupid. i think okcupid management should move quickly to get rid of this popup. members please complain to okcupid about this. (that is assuming you can find a contact button or email, … i sure havent found it !!!!) (you could email Chris Coyne)

members of okcupid should complain to okcupid management for allowing the scam site to operate a pop-up box linked to the google (or bing or yahoo) hit for okcupid. the popup box says “for an alternative dating site to okcupid, try .” Okcupid need to lobby strongly with google yahooo and bing to kill off this popup. the reputation of okcupid is tarnished by this association online with the fake site. Cencorship on this site has forced me to disguise website names.

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